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Read testimonials from our customers that detail the experience of using our software solutions.

Peter Van Dowel
Business consultant, Amsterdam

Bank details, business correspondence and account documents are the most significant data kept on my laptop. Using Secure Disk, I feel secure against the loss of the laptop. Losing a laptop is nothing compared to the data loss.

Vincent Maroue
CEO, IT technologies Inc, Denver

Weve been looking for a security solution to run in the background of our computer operations in order to minimize the info leak vulnerability. Secure Disk has met our requirements 100%. Whats more, due to this we feel confident that our personnel have access to the company data within their given authority.

Roy Jonasen
Attorney, Orlando

Most of my work focuses on preparing tax returns for the company Im working with. The information I use is extremely sensitive. The security programs my office has used before were either unreasonably expensive or slowed down our computers. Secure Disk allows us to minimize the office expenses on computer security. Thank you for making this an easy to understand program. We really appreciate it.

Nick Burton
Web designer, freelancer, Los Angeles

Ive never been information security-conscious before. But recently my client database has increased significantly, as well as my anxiety to lose it along with email correspondence and other business-related data. Secure Disk is a powerful security tool both reliable and easy-to-use.

Gloria Karpinski
Webmaster, Rome

Being security-minded, Ive tried a lot of encryption programs. And its only Secure Disk that encrypts the system disk without affecting the overall computers performance — and thats what matters to me the most. Now I feel assured that nobody can access my data and correspondence, except me.


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