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Cell phone conversations privacy

Secure Phone is a software scrambler which protects cell phone conversations from eavesdropping and espionage. Secure Phone encrypts the mobile voice calls in a real time and ensures the reliable protection of cell phone conversations.

Useful information

Secure Phone requirements

Please check Secure Phone requirements before you start working with the software.

Compatible handset

Secure Phone can be used only for Nokia smartphones. Check the list of compatible Nokia smartphones.

We are planning to extend the list of Secure Phone compatible devices in the future.

CSD service

Secure Phone uses CSD technology to transfer data between phones.The policy for providing this service differs from one provider to another. In the majority of cases this service is provided by default and doesn't require any activation.

Contact the call center of your mobile operator to make sure that CSD transmission service is provided by your operator and is activated for your SIM card.


Secure Phone should be installed an each handset that you will use to make protected calls. You can't   make a protected call from the phone with the software installed to the phone where Secure Phone isn't installed.

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