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Cell phone conversations privacy

Secure Phone is a software scrambler which protects cell phone conversations from eavesdropping and espionage. Secure Phone encrypts the mobile voice calls in a real time and ensures the reliable protection of cell phone conversations.

Useful information

Eavesdropping and call interceptions

Mobile espionage is quite widespread today. The availability of spying tools  in the market makes it extremely easy to intercept your cell phone conversation. Competitors, hackers or the government can easily monitor your mobile conversation.

How to ensure your privacy

Our Secure Phone is a real time voice encryption solution and is an effective way to protect your mobile conversations from eavesdropping devices. Secure Phone ensures your cell phone privacy and is based on the world class encryption and informational security standards.

Your absolute privacy is guaranteed with Secure Phone!

Make your choice

Just make a right choice — protect yourself against mobile eavesdroppers.

Cell phone privacy protection is an integral part of your personal security. Use Secure Phone as an effective solution to fight cell phone espionage and protect your personal and business privacy.