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Anonymous Internet surfing and traffic protection

Secure Net makes the user anonymous and invisible in the Internet so he can't be located any way. The program ceates a protected VPN tonnel between the user's computer and our high speed server. The tunnel shields user from the most malicious methods of online spying and makes the user totally anonymous.

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Anonymous surfing and traffic encryption

Secure Net hides the user's IP address providing the fully anonymous surfing. All of the Internet traffic will be encrypted and protected from the most malicious methods of online spying.

Be sure that all of you will do in Internet will be totally anonymous and confidential. Nobody will know what you do, who are you and where you are.

Secure Net is easy to use and works in the background and not affect the usual work process.

Why use Secure Net

When the user normally connects to the Internet, the transactions are relayed through several servers before reaching their final destination. These servers can collect all of the information that user sends and receives.

The most common example of such server that can collect information about user's Internet activity is the Internet Service Provider. Since normally user's requests are not encrypted ISP can "see" all what user are doing.

There are many spies in the Internet and data can be easily theft or replaced.

Secure Net encrypts all of the Internet traffic and it's strong protected from the sniffing. The encrypted data can't be theft or replaced. In addition, Secure Net obsuring the IP address and user location.

Key features

  • Anonymous surfing
  • Traffic encryption
  • E-mails protection
  • IM systems protection
  • High speed Internet surfing


Secure Net is available monthly and requires a monthly payment. The month price depends on the connection speed.

Secure Net pricing

Speed, KBit/Sec Price, $ per month
128 4,99
256 5,99
512 7,99
1024 9,99
2048 14,99

Free 7 day trial

You may use Secure Net for free within 7 days. To start work with Secure Net download the client program and follow the setup guide instructions.

Download the client program for Secure Net service
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