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Full hard disk encryption including OS

Secure Disk allows you to encrypt an entire hard disk (or disks, including removable media) and OS with the powerful and proven AES encryption algorithm at the disk sector level. Our software protects 100% of hard disk drive. Be sure that only you will be able to access your data!

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Full Hard Disk Encryption

Secure Disk allows you to encrypt and protect an entire hard disk drive. Secure Disk protects all disk data from an unautorized access with a proven and powerful AES 256 encryption algorithm.

Secure Disk provides the ultimate security standard for disk encryption at the disk sector level. Based on the most advanced encryption technology, AES 256, this product is an outstanding data security software.

Be sure that only you will able to access the protected data.


  • Hard disk partition encryption
    Secure Disk allows to encrypt hard disk partitions (all of not).
  • Boot partition encryption
    Secure Disk allows to encrypt a boot partition with the OS.
  • Removable disk encryption
    Secure Disk allows to encrypt removable disks (USB flash disk, for example). It is very useful to keep or transfer an important data on such disks.
  • Powerful AES algorithm
    Proven and powerful AES algorithm with 256 bit key provides the ultimate security.
  • Hiding of a cipher key
    Using of steganography allows to hide a cipher key into media files of several popular formats (audio and video) to provide even more security.
  • Simple and quite easy to use
    It is requires from an user the minimal training and no special knowledge. Secure Disk is really simply and easy to setup and use.

Full disk encryption advantages

Full disk encryption (FDE) is a disk encryption when encrypts all of disk data. FDE provides a several key advantages relative to a partial disk encryption or a files encryption.

FDE provides protection of all disk data including all system and temporary files which often contain sensitive informormation but not affected by files encryption.

FDE is performed sector by sector whithout creating any temp or other files. As a result, big files will decrypt without delay whereas file encryption much slower.

Pre-boot authentication

Secure Disk allows to encrypt a boot partition with OS. If the OS is encrypted the pre-boot authentication must be passed in order to load OS and boot the computer.

Pre-boot authentication means the user authentication before the operating system starts loading. PBA guarantees maximum security level and can not be manipulated in any way.

The data of an encrypted disk can be accessed only after passing authentication procedure. Without the passwords the data on the encrypted disk can not be accessed.

How Secure Disk works

Secure Disk works as a driver without affecting processing speed. When the application or OS reads the data into memory, Secure Disk reads and decrypts that data, and then encrypts it when recording to a disk is fulfilled. Data is constantly encrypted and therefore inaccessible even if the disk is removed.

Trial for 15 days

Secure Disk has a 15 days trial. The trial period starts after program installation. Download and test it now!

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