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Encrypted virtual disks for your data

Secure Disk Light allows you to secure your files and folders providing encrypted virtual disks.
All data that resides on the virtual disks is encrypted anytime and strong protected from unauthorized access and theft with the proven and powerful AES algorithm. It is easy to use and powerful solution at the same time.

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Secure Files and Folders

Secure Disk Light provides encrypted virtual disks and allows you to protect sensitive files from an unauthorized access or theft with the powerful AES 256 encryption algorithm. All data that resides on virtual disks is encrypted and protected anytime.

Secure Disk Light is the most easy to use and powerful solution at the same time. To ensure your data privacy only the several simple steps must be performed.

How to use it?

It is quite easy to protect your data. For example, to protect a particular file you need to move this file to a virtual disk. The file will instantly encrypted and protected.

Access to a virtual disk data can be opened or closed. When the access is opened the data that resides on the virtual disk can be accessed with no restrictions. Similary to this when the access is closed the virtual disk data is protected and can't be accessed in any way. Access control performs through the program interface.


  • Encrypted virtual disks for files and folders
  • Unlimited number of virtual disks
  • Maximum virtual disk capacity is 16 Tb
  • Work with any number of virtual disks at the same time
  • Proven and powerful AES 256 algorithm
  • It is require no special skills from an user

Trial for 15 days

You can download and test Secure Disk Light for free for 15 days. The trial period will start after program installation.

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