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Hard Disk Data Encryption

A software solution for hard disk encryption and protection its data from unauthorized access or theft. The highest security level and quite easy to use.

We offer three Secure Disk editions — Light, Standard and Ultimate edition.

Secure Disk Light Secure Disk Standard Secure Disk Ultimate


Secure Disk editions
How to choose an edition?
Encryption algorithm

Защита файлов и папок.
Защита всех данных жесткого диска.
Максимальная версия. Полный набор функций!

Secure Your PC

Secure Disk allows you to encrypt your computer hard disk and protect its data from an unauthorized access. Secure Disk protects all of disk data including OS, all system and temp files. Powerful AES algorithm with a 256 bit key guarantees the highest level of data security.

It is a reliable protection for your data and the right choice. With Secure Disk you can turn your computer to a secure safe.

Three Secure Disk editions

There are three Secure Disk editions — Light, Standard and Ultimate. The difference of the editions is the feature set and price.

Comparsion of the editions

Feature Light Standard Ultimate
Hard disk partition encryption - + +
Boot partition encryption - + +
Encrypted virtual disks + - +
Hiding a cipher key in media files - + +
Safe data backup - - +
Encryption algorithm AES 256 AES 256 AES 256
Price $45.00 $95.00 $135.00

How to choose the edition?

  • If you want to encrypt an entire hard disk (or some partitions) including the operating system, all system, temp and history files, then choose Standard edition.
    More about Standard edition
  • If you want to encrypt particular files and folders and not an entire hard disk, choose Light edition. Secure Disk Light allows you to easily protect particular files and folders by moving them to encrypted virtual disks.
    More about Light edition
  • If you want to use both functions of Light and Standard editions, choose Ultimate edition. In addition, Ultimate editions allows you to make secure data backups.
    More about Ultimate edition

Encryption algorithm

All of Secure Disk editions uses the proven and powerful AES algorithm for data encryption.

The AES algorithm used by Secure Disk is a trusted, validated algorithm chosen by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and stated to be the cryptographic standard for years to come. AES-256 is a FIPS-approved symmetric encryption algorithm that may be used by U.S. Government organizations (and others) to protect sensitive information.

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