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Anonymous Internet surfing and traffic protection

Secure Net makes the user anonymous and invisible in the Internet so he can't be located any way. The program ceates a protected VPN tonnel between the user's computer and our high speed server. The tunnel shields user from the most malicious methods of online spying and makes the user totally anonymous.

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How to install Secure Net client

Follow the instruction below to install Secure Net client program to the computer:

  • Download Secure Net installation file (download link);
  • Run the installation file;
  • Follow the installation program instructions;
  • Secure Net is ready to use after the installation.

How to start with Secure Net

Follow the instruction below to start work with Secure Net:

  • Run installed Secure Net program and wait for the activation window (Screenshot 1);
    Each computer have Secure Net installed for the first time should be added to the list of active computers.
    Activation window
    Screenshot 1: The Secure Net activation window.
  • Click on the "Copy computer ID to clipboard" link;
  • Click on the "Activate program" link;
    The "Sign in" page of www.gosecure.eu will open after clicking. If it is not, see the "Appendix 1" at the page end.
  • Sign in at the "Sign in" page or create a new account if you don't have one yet;
    The "Secure Net account management" page will open after signing in. If it is not, please see the "Appendix 2" at the page end.
  • Paste the your computer ID to the "Computer ID" field from the clipboard;
    If the clipboard doesn't contains the computer ID, click on the "Copy the computer ID to clipboard" link again.
  • Choose the prefer Internet connection speed;
  • Click the "Add computer" button;
  • Wait 5 or more minutes and then press the "OK" button in Secure Net program window (Screenshot 1);
  • At this point Secure Net tries to establish connection with our VPN server;
    If it's any problems with the connection, please contact us.
  • When the connection will be established the connection status in the Secure Net program will be changed to the "Connected".

Appendix 1
If the "Sign in" page wasn't open click the link below and go next instruction point.

Appendix 2
If the "Secure Net account management" page wasn't open click the link below and go next instruction point.

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