Encryption Software and Data Protection

Leakage of your company-sensitive information to competitors may be not only irritating, but also devastating to business. Imagine what your competitors would do if they are able to retrieve confidential information about your business and/or your private life? And if some "interesting" facts of your life become known to identity thieves or ubiquitous journalists? What about different types of scam-artists and rascals? Just think how vulnerable your business and your private life can be if all of them can easily access your confidential data.

A stable and flexible encryption software will release you from the consequences of data leakage and prevent information theft. Our data encryption solutions will safeguard not only your privacy and money but perhaps even your freedom.

Disk encryption with pre- boot authentication secures 100% of hard drive.


  • Full hard disk encryption
  • Removable media encryption
  • Pre-boot authentication
  • Encrypted virtual disks
  • Safe data backup
  • Powerful AES 256 algorithm
  • Three editions
Anonymous Inernet surfing and traffic protection from a sniffing.


  • Internet traffic encryption
  • Hiding an IP address
  • Anonymous surfing
  • High speed connection
  • No activity logs

Cell phone conversations protection from a eavesdropping.


  • Real time voice call encryption
  • Powerful RSA and AES algorithms
  • High audio quality
  • Simple and easy to use
  • For NOKIA handsets


Data Theft and Interception

Data protection and computer privacy is a strategic imperative for any enterprise today. All business-critical information is digitally stored: databases, financial statements, tax reports, contracts, agreements, e-mails from partners and clients, personal data, business correspondence, etc. At the same time, anything done on your PC can be known by gaining physical access — there are many ways to compromise your system.

Because so much of our data can be intercepted, this fact brings people to understanding that computer security and data protection are a real necessity. Ignoring this reality can be very risky.

Secure Phone — secure your cell phone conversations

Today we offer a new information security solution — protection cell phone converversaions from an espionage and eavesdropping. Secure Phone is the software scrambler that encrypts a cell phone voice call in a real time and fully secures all voice conversations. Be secure with our Secure Phone software!

Find out how how to ensure your mobile communications protection